Service und Support – Individual Solutions for our customers

Since 1981 we, the Schildknecht AG, have been developing customer-specific system solutions. We advise our customers in detail and competently on all questions relating to radio data transmission. Our guiding principle: Solution-oriented thinking leads faster to a result. Our goal: The complete satisfaction of the customer. Try us out! We will be happy to advise you!

Attractive services for you:

  • Warranty extension:
    We extend the warranty for your system for additional 2 years within the scope of the legal German reluations.
  • Speedline
    Should you ever be in a hurry? Then you can take advantage of our Speedline. For most devices a delivery on the next day (24h) or the day after (48h) is possible. Please contact us.
  • Integrated diagnostics
    Via the diagnostic interface in many devices, we can provide you with fast telephone support.
  • Leasing / Rental
    We offer leasing and rental models for all of our products.
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