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In order to be able to assist you with your project in the best possible way, we offer you the possibility to send us all the important information in advance, so that we can select the right product for your application and send you an offer more quickly. The project request contains 10 points that are important for the successful implementation of the radio frequency solution.

    Describe your application in a few words and we will find the best radio data transmission solution for you.

    1. Describe briefly your application e.g. automatic crane, turntable, sewage treatment plant or rail vehicle etc. and optionally upload pictures.

    2. Is a part of your application in motion?
    yes, linearyes, rotatingyes, flexible movementno, static

    3. Where is your application located?
    indooroutdoorboth (sender and receiver indoor or outdoor)

    4. How far apart are sender and receiver (in meters)?

    5. Is there a line of sight between sender and receiver?

    6. How many receivers (radio slaves) are connected to the radio master (Sender /plc)?

    7. Please describe the data communication? (multiple selections possible)
    Sensor- / I/O-DataPLC / Fieldbus communicationvideo or pictures

    8. For I/O and fieldbus data, please specify the protocol and the number of devices / slaves (e.g. Profibus Slaves or I/O Nodes) that are connected to the radio slave (IO-Module)

    a) I/O to I/O

    Analog 4- 20 mAAnalog 0-10VDigitalIO-Link

    b) I/O to Fieldbus

    Analog 4- 20 mAAnalog 0-10VDigital ProfibusProfinetPROFIsafeModbus TCPPowerlinkopenSAFETYEtherCATEthernet/IPsercosEthernet / UDPother

    c) Fieldbus to Fieldbus
    If you are looking for a fieldbus converter please select 2 protocols. If you are looking for a safety application, please also select the safety protocol.

    PLC (Master) to PLC (Slave)PLC (Master to IO-Node (Slaves)

    ProfibusProfinetModbus TCPPowerlinkopenSAFETYEtherCATEthernet/IPsercosanderer

    Give us further information on fieldbus communication and system design (optional)

    9. Please enter the application time (Roundtriptime) in milliseconds alternatively the critical cycle time (max. time until application needs data actualization) or safety monitoring time.
    application time* (Roundtriptime)
    critical cycle time (optional)
    safety monitoring time (optional, mandatory for Safety applications)

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