Data transmission systems for various industry sectors

Schildknecht AG offers data transmission systems for key industries. Read the case studies to see in which applications the data radio systems DATAEAGLE have been used successfully for many years.

Industrial Wireless Technology in Process Industry

Cables are often out of place in process technology, because operational reliability in harsh environments such as cement or gravel works or in open-cast ore mining places the highest demands on reliable communication lines. Industrial wireless technology reliably meets all the requirements of these special applications and is also cost-saving.

Water management

From flood protection to sewage treatment plants, drinking water supply or seawater desalination - water management is an extremely versatile and important industry! Monitoring water levels and pumps, monitoring pipeline networks, collecting and evaluating data and networking sewage treatment plant basins can be better implemented with radio technology.

Industry 4.0 practical examples

Industry 4.0: Vertical and horizontal networking for monitoring and process optimization of machines and plants can be implemented with wireless data communication between sensors, actuators and a cloud with the Schildknecht IoT solution.

Internet of Things Examples

IoT solutions from Schildknecht: With over 500 realised projects we have a lot of experience in IoT. The industrial sector in particular is characterised by very heterogeneous plants, systems and communication protocols and requires solutions for both vertical and horizontal networking.

Radio data systems for intralogistics

Intralogistics", which is extremely important for the success of companies, uses "intelligent" storage and production halls, often with limited space. A supporting pillar of this intelligence is radio data transmission with secure communication between moving components.

Radio data transmission in stage technology

Radio systems and stage technology have been connected since the beginning, which is why it is important that these radio systems do not interfere with each other. Radio data transmission technology for the highest safety requirements: Wireless data transmission with DATAEAGLE for controlling stage equipment.

Crane & Hoist Technology

Lifting, lowering and moving even heavy objects in production halls and warehouses or e.g. in port facilities is hardly conceivable without radio communication. The security, also of wireless field bus transmissions, plays a major role in the industry.

Smart Farming

Smart Farming: Climate change and environmental protection are setting new conditions that make it necessary to monitor and optimize growing conditions. On-site sensors determine the relevant data, which are transmitted by radio to the farm and displayed there. Smart farming can become increasingly important!