I-Edge-Conference with participation of Schildknecht AG

I-Edge Conference

Intelligent Edge (i-Edge) – this term stands for a technology which, according to experts, could achieve a significance comparable to the Internet! “Intelligence at the edge of a network”, i.e. right there where machines, systems, measuring devices or events of various kinds generate data which should be evaluated on the spot – without detour via a central computer or even a data center! This saves costs and demonstrably increases the profitability of the company! Countless small and medium-sized businesses are confronted with the necessity of such solutions, and the virtual i-Edge Conference on November 17-18 will provide answers to precisely this question; answers primarily to the developers commissioned to develop such solutions, but also to the entrepreneurs who want to exploit the advantages and future potential of I-Edge for their companies.

The lecture by Thomas Schildknecht

The Schildknecht AG is actively involved with a presentation by Thomas Schildknecht, founder and CEO of the company! His presentation will combine information about proven communication paths “out of a machine” with practical application experiences of already realized solutions. Similar requirements to i-Edge have existed before under a different name, and Schildknecht AG is one of the pioneers for the solution of such requirements: Collecting machine data directly at or in the machine and evaluating the results directly on site and displaying them via various media, even from globally installed machines; wireless and mobile radio were and are the technologies of choice for this! Thomas Schildknecht’s presentation will therefore be able to draw on his long development experience as well as on his countless project experiences with users:

Valuable information is available for developers, for example, which Internet access or radio technologies such as WLAN, Lora, Sigfox or mobile telephony are best suited for certain applications and how the required high availability of such systems can be guaranteed even with wireless transmission.
For entrepreneurs among the conference participants, the presentation will show realized projects as an example that i-Edge solutions with on-site presentation of the evaluated machine data on a roof board are already reality
For all those interested in simple complete solutions, the new Condition Monitoring System (CMS) kit will be presented, which contains all the building blocks for a rapidly installed i-Edge solution, from a multifunction sensor to an extremely versatile edge gateway and the associated dashboard for displaying the results.

The conference presentations will be held partly in German and partly in English, Thomas Schildknecht will give his presentation in German.

Take this opportunity to get a compact overview of a highly topical challenge and a cost-effective solution that is already available!  Please register under this link – we are looking forward to your participation!