Radio Links

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Radio Links bei der Schildknecht AG

The Schildknecht AG is a competent partner for radio transmissions. We have the solutions for complex requirements to offer stable and safe radio transmissions. With more than 30 years experience we developed the product series DATAEAGLE for radio transmissions of all sorts.

Wireless Profinet

The Dataeagle 4000 series wireless Profinet is designed for the transparent transmission of PROFINET IO using ...


DAS DATENFUNKSYSTEM DER SCHILDKNECHT AG: Funkübertragung von Feldbussystemen wie Profibus und Profisafe, Prof...

Wireless CAN

DATAEAGLE 4000 Compact - Schildknecht AG
Wireless CAN : Transparente CAN Bus Verbindung per Funk. DATAEAGLE 6000. ...

Wireless PLC /IO

DATAEAGLE - Schildknecht AG
Wireless PLC/ IO: Die DATAEAGLE 200er Serie. Signalübertragung per Funk mit Ein- und Ausgangssignalen....

Wireless Ethernet

DATAEAGLE Compact - Schildknecht AG
Wireless Ethernet: The Schildknecht DATAEAGLE 4000 Series is developed using various radio technologies for tr...