Industry 4.0 Examples
“Industry 4.0” is a general term, first coined in Germany in 2011, for a future project of the German federal government: the numbering “4.0” refers to the so-called fourth industrial revolution, which – after steam engines, assembly lines and electronics – now places intelligent factories (“Smart Factories”) with flexible production processes in the industrial focus. The driving forces behind this are the rapidly increasing digitalisation of the economy and society, the associated interlocking of production and information technologies and the many-sided possibilities of the Internet. Industry 4.0 embodies the German government’s vision of how Germany will or should produce in the future.
Examples in the field of industrial 4.0 are found above all in numerous industrial applications such as condition monitoring of plants or the setup of wireless sensor networks. Schildknecht AG supports the implementation of Industry 4.0 projects and provides comprehensive advice!

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