Wireless Mesh Network


Sensor networks with many radio nodes and high range

Mesh radio networks are capable of transmitting data via up to 1000 radio nodes within the network. The particularity here is self-organization of the routing distance: in contrast to WirelessHART, no additional coordinator is required here. Special radio modules, integrated in sensors, enable wireless sensor-mesh networks. The gateway DATAEAGLE compact 2M10 receives this data wireless from a network consisting of many different sensors, processes data and then forwards it to the control unit via different fieldbus protocols. For wired sensors it is possible to integrate them via the IO radio distribution box DATAEAGLE X-treme IO 2M10.

As transmission technology, a special mesh-capable radio technology based on 868MHz or 2.4 GHz is applied. This radio technology is also excellently suitable as a direct radio interface for sensors since they are optimized for low energy consumption and a high range. It is possible to integrate up to 128 radio nodes.

As an option, this system can also be linked with the cloud. Data is available in a central online portal (Device Cloud) then from where it can be transmitted into a data cloud or a customer portal.

DATAEAGLE compact 2M10

Integrating Wireless Mesh Networks of sensors into the control unit or cloud.

  • Wireless Sensor Mesh Network: up to 128 radio nodes can be integrated as a wireless sensor or Dataeagle X-treme IO 2M10
  • High radio  data transmission range: between two radio nodes up to 70m.
  • Low energy consumption: Radio technology is suitable for being integrated in wireless sensors.
  • Platzsparend: IP 20 für den Einbau in den Schaltschrank
  • Integration into the control unit: all common Ethernet-based fieldbuses are integrated in the Gateway DATAEAGLE compact 2M10 as an interface.
  • Ready for operation throughout the world: it can directly gather sensor data in more than 130 countries due to the global eSIM card applied
  • Device Cloud: all sensors can be monitored and managed in the online portal at a glance as well as interfaces to other cloud portals established via RESTful API.


Radio Mesh interface for sensors

  • Plug & Play: with Wireless Sensor Gateway DATAEAGLE compact 2730 cloud
  • High protection class: IP67 enables application directly in the field near sensors
  • Integrated antenna
  • 4 or 8 M12 portsHigh range: Safe data transmission via up to 70 meters
  • Mesh Radio technology: 868 MHz oder 2.4 GHz

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Transmit sensor data from wiireless mesh networks directly into the control unit or cloud.

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