Flood Warning in Murr per Tweet by IoT Gateway DATAEAGLE 7000


Sudden flood events with a high risk potential increasingly belong to everyday life of people living or working directly at rivers and streams. Even though avoiding events caused by the weather themselves is impossible, a prompt flood warning would be extremely helpful for residents of respectively flood-prone waters. Unfortunately, there is either not a sufficient number of conventional early-warning systems available or they primarily send their warning signals to authorities or organizations such as e.g. fire brigade or Technisches Hilfswerk (German Federal Agency for Technical Relief), and not directly to the persons concerned. A further aggravating aspect is that wired warning systems are often damaged by flood und signal transmission is disrupted or even fails completely. Remedy may be found here using wireless, radio-based flood warning systems such as for example offered by Schildknecht AG with the IoT (Internet of Things) Gateway DATAEAGLE 7000. Utilizing mobile radio in combination with a cloud portal provides further advantages for users.


Flood warnings are the more effective and helpful the more directly they achieve the exposed persons. A further challenge is that flood must not impair early-warning mechanisms and their transmission routes. Moreover, they must be “intelligent“ enough for being able to formulate warnings in a plain text in accordance with the situation and understandable for all. Furthermore, it is necessary to transmit information about water levels of the areas affected by flood in real-time and without delay, since sometimes just a few hours may be decisive for the exposed persons. Warning systems with DATAEAGLE 7000 comply with all those requirements.

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