Make data communication more flexible and smart

Modern data communication is becoming more and more powerful. Rapidly increasing data volumes and increasing technical possibilities open up numerous opportunities to provide data for Business operations; where security, stability and flexibility of data connections are determining factors for success. The fulfillment of those factors strongly relies on the communication channel of choice. We at Schildknecht believe in the technical superiority of industrial radio solutions to connect facilities around the world.

The success of the Internet of Things as a global vision, highly depends on the quality of the communication and networking solutions of today. If those solutions don’t live up to the highest possible standards, the positive effect on processes, stability and reliability will only be short-term.

For over 30 years, we have been working on many applications, in automation as well as the equipment of industrial facilities around the world, with industrial radio solutions. In doing so, we always keep stability and security of our implemented solutions in the forefront of our effort.


Wireless, safe and reliable

Radio solutions have the potential to shape the way forward for how data transmission of modern infrastructures will operate in the future. The saving of cables and the added flexibility facilitate the expansion of data communication – both locally and globally. We enable the integration of machines, sensors and facilities with powerful radio links which, in contrast to conventional systems, analyze the data before the transmission has taken place in order to increase the availability of the system.

Our products of the DATAEAGLE series separate the Fieldbus telegrams into single information packets and thereby increase the speed, in which the packages can be sent. Our products support all current Fieldbus standards and give our customers the chance to integrate decentralized facilities via the global mobile network. Thereby, we enable not only reliable control but also precise predictions of maintenance due to all available machine data.

Through various application fields, we offer our customers new services in the maintenance sector in addition to targeted control of systems.


Replace the cable clutter with industrial radio systems

Modern radio solutions ensure a stable and safe connection, where cables, slip rings, or optical transmission systems would be an inefficient solution. Long cable sections cause high investment costs, which can be
avoided with the Schildknecht industrial radio systems. With a range of up to 3 kilometers and high availability, the devices of the DATAEAGLE series lay the foundation for the integration of machines or sensors via all common Fieldbus protocols.

The goal of preprocessing the telegrams is, to occupy the radio link as short as possible. Thereby our solutions increase the real-time capability of the facilities. Additionally, critical system interruptions can be avoided due to the patented data preprocessing. Customers of various industry sectors trust our highly reliable radio solutions. From automation and crane operation over modern intralogistics to the control of cable cars and inclined lifts, we will make you fit for the digital future.


Boost the availability and security of your facilities worldwide

The Internet of Things is the big future vision of the global economy. With the new industrial radio devices of the DATAEAGLE 7000 series, we provide the possibility to connect your facilities all over the world. As a system provider, we deliver all components and services for the integration of complete facilities worldwide first-hand. Thereby we follow a holistic approach by including the efficiency of business processes and models in our consultation.

Whether diagnostics messages from large machines, the transmission of water levels or the maintenance of facilities, our complete systems allow all data to be transferred to the private cloud via the global mobile network for a flat fare. This gives you all relevant information at first glance. With the end-to-end encryption, your data remains safe and under your control at all time. Thanks to the connection to the global mobile network, you will be independent of the existing internet infrastructure.

We consult you regarding wireless topics, Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things.

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