The DATAEAGLE wireless sensor gateway

Sensor2plc: sending data from Bluetooth Low Energy sensors to the control unit

Up until now Bluetooth was mainly used to connect smartphones, tablets and PCs. However, now control and automation engineers also want to transmit sensor data via Bluetooth to the control unit. For this we have integrated the Bluetooth Low Energy interface into the DATAEAGLE radio system, giving you the possibility to transmit data from Bluetooth sensors directly into the control unit, via fieldbuses such as PROFINET. This means you can integrate sensor measurements directly into your control unit environment.
The DATAEAGLE 2730 gateway is designed to be the optimal interface between sensors and control unit. You can either use cable or Bluetooth Low Energy to feed sensor data into the gateway. It then redirects the data wirelessly via all standard interfaces to the control unit.

You can choose from a variety of interfaces: Profibus DP, Profinet, Ethernet IP, OPC/UA, Modbus TCP, POWERLINK, sercos, CANopen, EtherCAT and Devicenet. Further protocols such as IO-Link are currently being developed.

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