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DATAEAGLE brings sensor data into the plc by means of Bluetooth low energy

Up to now, the application the most frequently used for Bluetooth is connection to a smartphone, tablet or PC. However, there is an increasing demand in control and automation engineering for wireless data transmission from Bluetooth sensors to the control unit.

The integration of the Bluetooth low energy interface in our DATAEAGLE radio system established on the market enables to directly transmit data from Bluetooth sensors to the plc via fieldbuses such as e.g. PROFINET and to process them there. So sensor values can be directly utilized in the control environment.

DATAEAGLE 2730 is the optimal interface between sensors and the controller. The sensors can be read with cable or Bluetooth Low Energy. The DATAEAGLE 2730 gateway provides the data wirelessly via all common interfaces to the controller.

Option for interfaces: Profibus DP, Profinet, Ethernet IP, OPC/UA, Modbus TCP, IO-Link, sercos, CANopen, Ethercat, Devicenet

DATAEAGLE as a central unit of mesh networks

Mesh radio networks are capable of forwarding data via up to 1000 sensor nodes within the network. The specialty is the self-management of the routing line, in contrast to WirelessHART no additional coordinator is required here. By special radio modules integrated in sensors, wireless sensor mesh networks are becoming possible. A DATAEAGLE gateway receives this data wirelessly from a network consisting of many different sensors and processes and forwards them to the control unit via different fieldbus protocols. Optionally, this system can be extended by an IoT gateway making data available in a central online portal.

We know how to integrate your sensors wirelessly into the control system.

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