Bluetooth Seamless Roaming

Bluetooth is becoming flexible

Bluetooth seamless roaming enables changing between wireless zones

For many years, Schildknecht AG has been favouring Bluetooth as a technology system in its DATAEAGLE data radio systems. Thanks to its frequency hopping technology, Bluetooth provides enormous advantages over WLAN, such as e.g. an extremely robust radio connection. Moreover, a more flexible radio planning since Bluetooth features fewer problems with coexistence and longer ranges. Easier installation is e.g. provided by necessity of just one antenna. An advantage of WLAN so far is roaming capability.

Bluetooth Roaming is an option for all DATAEAGLE Industrial Wireless systems, for example the 4712 for PROFINET and PROFIsafe.

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Die Dataeagle 4000er Serie für Wireless OPENsafety wurde für die transparente Übertragung von OPENsafety über UDP mit Bluetooth entwickelt.