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DATAEAGLE for railway lifting jacks at Autolift

Autolift GmbH builds railway lifting jacks for complete trains as known from car repair shops. Radio modules applied have to transmit conventional fieldbus protocols and to function reliably even if visual contact is not guaranteed. E.R.S. has made very good experience with DATAEAGLE radio systems for years and applied DATAEAGLE 3000 for Profibus and DATAEAGLE 6000 for CAN Bus.

Research Project by BMBF: 5Gang – 5G for the Industry

5Gang – 5G for the Industry As the industrial leader in radio technology, our goal is to develop new wireless standards, such as Bluetooth 5.0, wireless mesh networks, and 5G mobile to integrate into gateways and thus implement for industrial applications. The requirement for real-time capability on wireless systems is being reviewed to make future […]