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DATAEAGLE 3000 und 4000 - Schildknecht AG


DATEAGLE 3000 und 4000 for wireless profibus
and wireless profinet

Welcome to Schildknecht AG

For over 30 years we at Schildknecht AG are manufacturers and system providers of industrial radio solutions. Our core competence is safe and robust radio communications, as required for crane operation, by the water, cement and paper & pulp industry, for lifting tools, elevators and cable cars, on Automatic Guided Vehicles and many others. For these purposes we have developed the industrial grade radio product family DATAEAGLE. Our distinguished solutions for PROFIBUS and PROFINET wireless are patented and also offer PROFISAFE wireless.

As system providers for remote maintenance, telemetry and M2M we design individual business models with context to IoT and Industry 4.0 for our clients. The basis for these are our cellular network gateways DATAEAGLE 7000 with SIM-cards globally usable at flat rates.



Schildknecht AG is a manufacturer of industrial wireless data transmission technology with over 30 years experience.


DATAEAGLE 3000 - Wireless Profibus

Industrial Wireless Dataeagle 3000 und 4000 - Schildknecht AGThe DATAEAGLE 3000-A series is specifically designed for the transparent transmission of Profibus DP using various radio technologies. Transfer speeds up to 1.5 Mbit / s are supported.

DATAEAGLE 4000 - Wireless Profinet

Industrial Wireless Dataeagle 3000 und 4000 - Schildknecht AGThe DATAEAGLE 4000 series is specifically designed for the transparent transmission of PROFINET IO using various radio technologies.

DATAEAGLE 7000 - Mobile/M2M

DATAEAGLE-7000erParticularly secure data transmission and connectivity for all mobile networks. M2M technology 4.0. Signals can be transmitted safely and stably from data sources of any kind to its own portal worldwide.

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Intralogistics as an organization, control, execution and optimization of the in-company material and material flow

Stage Technology

Automatisierung Schildknecht AG


Sensor PLC Schildknecht AG

Wireless technology and data radio systems for all Industries

Systems for data transmission, particularly safe and secure and 100% reliable

Industrial Wireless Dataeagle 3000 und 4000 - Schildknecht AG

Industrial Wireless

Data radio systems, Industrial Wireless. From the viewpoint of controlling the spark gap behaves like a cable.

Tosibox - Schildknecht AG

Remote Servicing

Hardware for vpn dial for secure connections between network-compatible devices: The TOSIBOX


Particularly secure data transmission and connectivity for all mobile networks. M2M technology 4.0.

Schildknecht AG: Radio Data System DATAEAGLE

As early as 1993, we began with the development of the radio data system DATAEAGLE. This system for radio transmission is modular and now consists of about 40 types of equipment and family lines. Here we About enable wireless transmission of field bus systems such as Profibus and Profint, Profisafe, Modbus, CAN and Ethernet. These wireless systems are used in automation technology with different radio technologies and frequencies.

The radio data system DATAEAGLE operates independently of the type of radio technologies used such as WLAN, Bluetooth, DECT, Zigbee or LoRa and the radio frequencies used. The radio transmission means DATAEAGLE allows the integration of mobile machinery and equipment over radio. The peculiarity is that DATAEAGLE already performs a pre-processing for cyclic fieldbuses in radio. This solutions is patented by Schildknecht and results in a 100% reliable transmission path with no down times of the machines.

DATAEAGLE 2000 simply just for I/Os.
DATAEAGLE 3000 behaves like a Profibus cable.
DATAEAGLE 4000 is optimized for Profinet device series.
DATAEAGLE 6000 supports CAN bus.
DATAEAGLE 7000 the cellular based M2M solution.

From the PLC point of view the radio transmission path behaves just like a cable. Since many years safety applications such as emergency stop via a radio link using PROFIsafe are functioning raliably due to the high availability of the radio transmission.

Our goal is to create a system for data transmission to provide you with DATAEAGLE having the highest possible availability of the transmission path – just like  a cable. With Wireless Profibus via DATAEAGLE the wireless solution is a technology alternative to slip rings, trailing cables and optical data transmission systems. The wireless connection via radio with DATAEAGLE is reliable and safe.
In other variants of the family DATAEAGLE more interfaces are implemented that are required for appropriate control technologies.